Massachusetts Independent Film Festival Interview


Here's a quick video interview during the screening of REVEALED at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival in Cambridge, MA. It includes filmmaker Christian de Rezendes and myself talking about the film REVEALED: Portraits from Beneath One's Surface. [youtube][/youtube]

All Friends Cabaret REVEALED TV Interview


I had my first television appearance this past week! All Friends Cabaret host Krystyne Cheever recently interviewed me on QATV in Quincy, Massachusetts about the REVEALED project. It was an enjoyable experience and now it has been posted on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. It is broken down into 2 videos:

This is video 1 of 2


Video 2 of 2


REVEALED in the News


Over the past 2 months REVEALED has been receiving lots of attention and love. The success of the Kickstarter project has allowed the REVEALED book to move forward and is currently being produced at the printers. Here are some recent articles about the project:


South Coast Today, Massachusetts, published an article about the REVEALED Art Class project -

The art of self-revelation; Friends Academy students think inside the box.

It was on page 1 of Section B in the printed version.

The newspaper photographer and writer did a fantastic job of covering the REVEALED Class photography session during my visit to Friend's Academy to reveal a group of 4th grader students.

I was impressed at how much thought and creativity went into their boxes. This reminds me at how important this portion of REVEALED is, and why I continue to nurture it.






The East Greenwich, RI Patch wrote an article about the upcoming REVEALED book and the Kickstarter campaign. The reporter interviewed myself, the book's designer, Philip Hawthorne, and a local REVEALED subject. A very nice perspective on this project.

A box, a picture, and a life revealed is what The Providence Phoenix wrote about in Providence, Rhode Island's publication. She writes about the This I Believe REVEALED collaboration among other things. Amy Littlefield writes, "What is perhaps most striking about "This I Believe REVEALED" is how willing subjects have been to bare their souls — both before Rhode Island public radio listeners and before anyone who sees the photographs."


Visit this "In the News" page on REVEALED to see the over 15 articles written about REVEALED in 2012.


The REVEALED Book Kickstarter Project!


I'm very excited, and a bit nervous, to bring my first Kickstarter project which will help fund the REVEALED book. As many of you know, publishing a REVEALED book has been a dream of mine ... and many REVEALED subjects and supporters ... we are almost there!! And we are almost there! I'm asking everyone, including you, to please visit the Kickstarter page and pledge if you would like too. Then share the campaign with your friends. This REVEALED book will allow this project to reach even more people and create more energy around it.

Take a minute to watch this short video and learn more about why I am creating this book. There are fabulous rewards offered at every level of campaign pledges. Including, never offered before. Including the book (of course), limited edition prints, the documentary film and even me flying out to your city to photograph you and your friends as REVEALED subjects.


[kickstarter url= width=480]......[kickstarter url= width=220]

The Independent Critic - 4 out of 4 Stars!!!


The REVEALED film is beginning to reach film festivals and critic's attention. And I was thrilled to read our first film review! "REVEALED: Portraits from Beneath One's Surface is a profoundly moving and intimately revealing documentary that does, indeed, go beneath the surface of the people who whose spiritual journeys are being so vividly documented,"  Richard Propes of The Independent Critic.

Visit his site and read the entire review that was given an A+ - 4 of out 4 stars.




Spring has been a Whirlwind!


The past 2 months has been a whirlwind of news with REVEALED. It has been exciting and I'm spending about 100% of my time on taking it to a new level! Recently we had 2 film screenings of the short film REVEALED: Portraits from Beneath One's Surface and it was a huge success. The Q&A sessions were very informative. It made me realize whenever I speak with people about this project, I am given more insights into REVEALED. In addition, we are submitting the film to a bunch of film festivals and looking for additional places to screen the film. Please contact me if you would like to see this film in your area.


Amanda Grosvenor of Newport Seen wrote a very nice article for the World Premier of the film.

I'm very excited about introducing the Elementary REVEALED project. Children's imagination and insight into their life experience amazes me. The children at Paul Cuffee School embraced this project and the discussions were very insightful and exciting.

In addition, I am now speaking with a few other schools about introducing this art project to their elementary class. I'm very honored and excited about this.

Upcoming news: The REVEALED book is now in production and will be on the bookshelves in September. It is published by Little Red Tree Publishing. 5-years and over 120 subjects will be included in this book. In addition, a separate book for the This I Believe REVEALED project will hopefully become a book by March 2012.

Also, I am currently exploring taking REVEALED to Iceland where I will photograph another group of REVEALED subjects and students for the Elementary project. Please contact me if you have any insights or contacts in Iceland. We will be creating a kickstarter project to help fund this in July.

We also broke the 170 REVEALED subject mark this year with now 3 projects under the REVEALED umbrella. There is REVEALED, This I Believe REVEALED and Elementary REVEALED.



Looking for Revealed subjects in Los Angeles

I'm very excited to announce and schedule a REVEALED session in California this October.  It has been something I have been trying to do for years. I'm looking for a few people who want to be REVEALED subjects in Camarillo, CA on October 14th, 2010.  This is north of Los Angeles.  A session takes 90 minutes and you get a print. There is no charge for this session or the print.

Contact Scott Indermaur at for more questions and to be a subject.  I look forward to this experience and adding more subjects to this amazing project.

Revealed Subject's Insight Into The Process

Nicole Purcell recently wrote a blog on dlife about her experience as a This I Believe REVEALED subject.  Her entry may be found here in their blogabetes section.  She writes about her thought process on what to put in her REVEALED box and as she says, "how diabetes has informed my "spiritual experience"."

"I was also surprised at how I felt during the session.    I was thinking through the challenges of balance, and wondering if, in the case of managing diabetes and weighing it against one’s spiritual existence, a perfect balance isn’t exactly perfect.  I struggled." Nicole Purcell wrote.

I always enjoy hearing about how a subject connects with themselves, REVEALED and even myself.  Their experience with REVEALED is different than mine and both of our experiences can be very powerful with a strong connection as we are collaborating together to "reveal" themselves.  I learn so much about myself from these connections.  Reading her essay brought tears to my eyes.  I am very grateful to hear about these experiences and also being part of them.

Visit her blog entry about the experience and enjoy.

This I Believe REVEALED Receives Grant From RISCA

I am very excited to announce that I have been awarded a new grant from RISCA to support the This I Believe REVEALED project!  The last 12 months has been a hugely  successful collaboration with WRNI's (Rhode Island National Public Radio) This I Believe series and Scott Indermaur's REVEALED project to create This I Believe REVEALED.

Over the next 12 months we will be selecting 10 more subjects and creating more events and an art exhibit throughout Rhode Island.  If you are interested in being a subject and an essayist, please follow these instructions at WRNI's site.

In addition, I will be reaching out to Rhode Island public schools to speak about this wonderful project to students.  Please contact me if your school would enjoy a presentation by myself and This I Believe host Rick Reamer to visit your school and discuss This I Believe REVEALED.

This I Believe Revealed Event


Marque at the Jane Pickens Theater for the This I Believe REVEALED event in Newport, RI.Last week's THIS I BELIEVE REVEALED event was amazing!  With over 80 attendees and the viewing of Revealing REVEALED short film and a multi-media interview with THIS I BELIEVE REVEALED subject Jim Stahl. Dana Duellman introduced everyone and talked about the history of REVEALED.  WRNI General manager Joe O'Connor spoke about the connection with This I Believe and REVEALED and how the two projects came together to collaborate.  Rick Reamer, host of This I Believe, took the stage and gave insight into his 3-years with Rhode Island's This I Believe and the impact it has had on the community.

We then had two This I Believe REVEALED essayists read their essays.  Like a rock star's unplugged version of their song.  Liz Doucette and Sam White read their very insightful essays.

For the first time the Revealing REVEALED short film played in a real theater.  It was great to see it on the big screen. In addition a new multi-media interview with subject Jim Stahl and the impact this project has had on him.

Then I was the keynote and really enjoyed the talk about how REVEALED began and the collaboration with This I Believe to create This I Believe REVEALED.  We had a Q&A at the end with some amazing questions.  I love these questions because it gives me even more insight into this project.  I am continually learning from this project.

Of course I need to mention Ian Charles was the guest musician and his music is awesome.  The event was photographically covered by Abby McGuire.  And thank you to Jane Pickens Theater for their hospitality and use of their beautiful theater.  Also, This program has been made possible, in part, by a grant from RISCA (Rhode Island State Council on the Arts).  The prints on display were beautifully printed by Gordon's Ink and the framed by Crestar.  And of course Mirage Design who designed the flyers that were circulated.

Scott Indermaur speaks with guests at the This I Believe Revealed eventRick Reamer speaks at the This I Believe event in Newport, RI.WRNI General Manager Joe O'Connor speaks at the This I Believe event in Newport, RI.Photographer Scott Indermaur speaks at the This I Believe event in Newport, RI.Ian Charles plays at the This I Believe event in Newport, RI.