Frequently Asked Questions


Would you like to 


The best way to follow REVEALED is through the Facebook Page.

I post a call for subjects, and it typically fills up within a few few days. I do not screen my subjects. If you are willing to be vulnerable and trust the process, I will do the same with you.

REVEALED - Jennifer B.

Interested in Revealing REVEALED? 

The REVEALED series is available for gallery representation, venue display or a film screening.

REVEALED has shown in galleries, art walks, theater, churches, libraries and many other places.  Please contact Scott if you are interested in having REVEALED in your space and an opening reception and presentation.


Host a REVEALED Class

REVEALED Class has grown from a children’s art class to High School students and Adult workshops.

Scott has presented REVEALED integrating his work on self with communications, psychological, sociological and interpersonal theoretical explorations.

Please contact Scott for more details on how he can help to bring this project to your school.

This I Believe Revealed - Ham

Where do you see this project going in years to come?

REVEALED was created in 2007 as a weekend project. At ten years, it is now moving into its new phase. Leveling up as one may label it. 

I am currently looking for funding to take this project around the World.  Please contact me if you have any insights into funding through sponsorship or grants seize this project worldwide.


Can Scott Present for our group?

Scott Indermaur has developed an uplifting, inspirational and insightful presentation featuring REVEALED portraits and the stories behind the REVEALED project.  

Whether it is for students, art directors, photographers, spiritual groups,  men’s or women’s groups, Indermaur indulges every audience with insightful, courageous and inspiriting narrations…including his intuitive journey as the conduit which brought REVEALED to over 200 subjects across the nation.  

Please contact Scott to schedule your speaking engagement.