REVEALED: Personal Visions of Transformation and Discovery

May your journey into and through this project bring an even deeper revealing of your soul.
— Denis Linn

REVEALED is an exploration of self - a glimpse into the spiritual expressions and personal beliefs of the participants. Using individual portraits and short personal essays, Scott Indermaur has created a one-of-a-kind photographic series that uncovers what lies beneath the surface in each of us.

n giving its subjects the time to reflect and connect with their “selves’, The REVEALED Project demonstrates both our singular uniqueness and the common thread we share with one another. The result is the intention of expression as revealed in a wooden box.

REVEALED: Personal Visions of Transformation and Discovery is a fine art hard-cover book containing 123 REVEALED subjects from around the country. This book is a beautiful and insightful 9″x12″ 128 page book.



Info about the film and link to film page here