This I Believe Revealed Event


Marque at the Jane Pickens Theater for the This I Believe REVEALED event in Newport, RI.Last week's THIS I BELIEVE REVEALED event was amazing!  With over 80 attendees and the viewing of Revealing REVEALED short film and a multi-media interview with THIS I BELIEVE REVEALED subject Jim Stahl. Dana Duellman introduced everyone and talked about the history of REVEALED.  WRNI General manager Joe O'Connor spoke about the connection with This I Believe and REVEALED and how the two projects came together to collaborate.  Rick Reamer, host of This I Believe, took the stage and gave insight into his 3-years with Rhode Island's This I Believe and the impact it has had on the community.

We then had two This I Believe REVEALED essayists read their essays.  Like a rock star's unplugged version of their song.  Liz Doucette and Sam White read their very insightful essays.

For the first time the Revealing REVEALED short film played in a real theater.  It was great to see it on the big screen. In addition a new multi-media interview with subject Jim Stahl and the impact this project has had on him.

Then I was the keynote and really enjoyed the talk about how REVEALED began and the collaboration with This I Believe to create This I Believe REVEALED.  We had a Q&A at the end with some amazing questions.  I love these questions because it gives me even more insight into this project.  I am continually learning from this project.

Of course I need to mention Ian Charles was the guest musician and his music is awesome.  The event was photographically covered by Abby McGuire.  And thank you to Jane Pickens Theater for their hospitality and use of their beautiful theater.  Also, This program has been made possible, in part, by a grant from RISCA (Rhode Island State Council on the Arts).  The prints on display were beautifully printed by Gordon's Ink and the framed by Crestar.  And of course Mirage Design who designed the flyers that were circulated.

Scott Indermaur speaks with guests at the This I Believe Revealed eventRick Reamer speaks at the This I Believe event in Newport, RI.WRNI General Manager Joe O'Connor speaks at the This I Believe event in Newport, RI.Photographer Scott Indermaur speaks at the This I Believe event in Newport, RI.Ian Charles plays at the This I Believe event in Newport, RI.