New Revealed and The Box Process

I carry within me a deep fascination for the unseen, for that which is hidden and not evident to the naked eye. The mysteries of worlds, and universes beyond that which we cannot truly fathom. As a Spirit Medium I know with absolute certainty that there is afterlife, that there is existence of powerful energy which can only be described as pure love in eternity. It is that place where all our souls seek wisdom and solace, when we loose sight of our true paths. It is a place where all our souls connect, we are all part of the powerful energy in eternity and we are all one. It is the place of our origin and our destination. Life is an ever changing energy from one second to the next. There is no future, there is no past. There is no time. There is only now. It is in the now that I attempt mindfulness. For that reason, I have no regrets I only have profound faith, and I try to live in a moment of peace and love. Growing up in a Iceland, where trees were scarce, and lava fields and glaciers were in abundance. Being surrounded by rough sees and a rugged coastline, I gained deep respect for life and death. It was a home of peace, tranquility, adventure and magnificent energy, yet with constant reminders of my ancestors' hard lives. The symbols in my box, represent life and death and the beauty of that ever evolving cycle. It represents toughness and fragility of life. And the compass is a symbol of my direction in life. Knowing always where home is, knowing always that I am in the right place at the right time for the right reason, having a profound experience. I am deeply touched by the evolution of souls and the wisdom of eternity.