Vision Board Clearing


About every 10 months, or so, my vision board is full and begins to remind me that it is time to start over. Time for new growth to be shared and experienced. A bit of sadness comes over me as I look over this board and I am reminded of all the inspirations I have experienced the past year. And of course I am filled with joy as I look over my board. A few highlights from the vision board:

  • "Dont be robotic about anything," a quote from the REVEALED: Portraits from Beneath One's Surface and a reminder to me to keep shaking things up.
  • "A turning point" - I felt the past year there has been some big turning points
  • Several paintings my daughter purchased from orphans in Haiti
  • The Hug business card I got. Hugs are good. :)

Now the board is clean and awaits new inspirations and insights into my journey. My last vision board can be found here.