What would you put in your REVEALED box?

The past few months have been a whirlwind of REVEALED activity. A new set of subjects, an art museum exhibit, the film showing at film festivals, it's 6-year birthday, and the REVEALED book. Phew!

The other day there was a Q&A after the REVEALED film screening at the SENE film festival. One attendee asked myself and the filmmaker a simple and interesting question. "What would we put in our box?" No pressure... Subjects have 2-weeks to determine what they put in their box. There have been many times I have gone through this 2-week process to decide what I would put in my box. Now I am asked to answer that question with a few seconds of thought, knowing that what I'd put in my REVEALED box has changed over the years as I grow.

I answered that I'd put fire in the box and I would have to think about this further to determine what items go into that box. Two days later this question popped into my head again. What would I put in my box? Maybe ashes that represent the past and wood on fire that is fueling the future. That came to me rather quickly and it felt good. His question reminded me that it has been a few years since I have put myself through the REVEALED process other than a facilitator. While I do look within often, I haven't walked around my daily life wondering what items would represent where I am today. His question nudged me to give this more thought over the next week or two.

With that said, I ask you to give it some thought today and even this week. What would you put in your box?