REVEALED Class - Thank you touches my heart



The 4th grade class of Friends Academy asked me to attend their their REVEALED Class presentation to the entire school. They created their own multimedia presentation of all their REVEALED class portraits. In addition, they made me this most amazing REVEALED box containing an accordion book in which each page was an individual thank you note from each student that participated.

I am deeply touched by this gesture and this box sits on my box and reminds me everyday how special this project is. I shared this with our monthly photographer breakfast meetup and one photographer looked at me and said, "If this was given to me, I'd have tears in my eyes." And he is so right.

Here are some quotes from the thank you notes:

"What I liked about this project was that there wasn't really a limit to things I could do on it and I could get as creative as I wanted." Ava

"Thank you Sir Indermaur, for opening up another artistic vision for me. My experience with you has doubled my success in art ... My box helped me explain to my friends just how much I love nature." Leah

"I love this project because it really revealed what was inside of me and I will always thank you for that." Hannah

"... I have learned a lot about myself and the kind of person I am." Grace

"I liked this project because we could use anything we wanted to." Ethan

Of course, every thank you note in this book touched me.