REVEALED Class Frequently Asked Questions

 This sounds like a good curriculum for all younger grades. How would we introduce it?

Scott is excited to introduce this project to children’s art classes. Please contact Scott for more details on how he can help to bring this project to your school..

Would this be a good project for High School and College?

 Scott has introduced REVEALED to the college classroom, integrating his work on self with communications, psychological, sociological and interpersonal theoretical explorations

 Isaac Martin

1)    The first belief I hold close to myself is to not care about what other people think. I hold this close to me because I constantly remind myself of this. I found when I focus on what other people think, I lose who I am and who I want to be. I focus on what other people expect me to be. So use this belief to remind myself of who I want to be. I use this saying most when I feel as if other people are judging me. When growing up I was raised to behave in a way that would not affect how people view me. So when I came out as gay, I struggled with what others would think and tried to change. Eventually I learned it was okay to not care what other people think, as long as I was being authentic to myself. The second belief I hold close to myself is that no matter what everything gets better in someway. This comes from realizing how I survived things, that I, at the time, thought was the worst possible thing that could happen. After whatever it was at the time happened, I learned to either live with it or the situation changed and became easier. Mainly this has to do with my coming out. In high school I viewed my parents finding out that I was gay as the worst possible thing that could happen to myself. But after I was outed, I went to college and did not have to deal with them or be closeted anymore. I saw how I could live with the situation and how being outed helped my situation get somewhat better. This belief does not come with the belief that eventually everything will be perfect, but survivable. The last belief I hold is to not take life seriously and have fun. This belief does not mean not doing any work and only having fun, but to make time to relax and have fun. I remember this whenever I get bad anxiety, overreact, and make things to be more important than they really are. This belief also reminds me to not make work and school the focuses of my life because people should not live to work. 

2)    The REVEALED box, that we will construct