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  I’m starting off 2013 with an exhibit at AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island. It’s a new body of work for me and touches on REVEALED and several other projects I have explored the past few years. The primary exhibit is based around my Blocked Chakra series I recently completed. I have also set aside space with journal entries that shares [...]

  May 30, 2012 - Scott Indermaur’s fascinating book REVEALED was a solo exhibit at the Newport Art Museum. Published this past year, there’s already a documentary film about the making of this project and the film is currently a contender in 5– that’s right, 5! – different film festivals. Scott spoke at the CCCP earlier last [...]

  Join me for a book signing and some REVEALED discussion at Providence, RI local book store, Symposium Books.   Location: Symposium Books 240 Westminster Street Provdience, RI 02903 401-273-7900   Date: May 3, 2012 6pm to 8pm

  April 15th 2012 - REVEALED: Portraits from Beneath One’s Surface has been accepted to the Southeast New England Film, Music and Arts Festival, SENE, to be shown in Providence, Rhode Island April 15, 2012. The festival is a 5-day event full of music, art and of course films. We are excited to be part of this festival in [...]

  THIS I BELIEVE REVEALED subject Wendy Lawton discusses the project and the impact it had on her. Her This I Believe essay is titled “Redemption” RIPR (Rhode Island National Public Radio) This I Believe and Scott Indermaur’s REVEALED are two projects that have been easily merged and complement each other to create the project [...]

2011 fly by with a tremendous amount of REVEALED news and activity. A book is now in production, art exhibits, and REVEALED additions…which happen to only be REVEALED Class subjects. This is a branch of REVEALED  that I am very excited to see grow. In 2011 I photographed a class of 5th graders in the Spring [...]

The City of Providence will host This I Believe REVEALED at Providence City Hall October 31st through December 9th. Exhibit Location: Providence City Hall’s Gallery – 2nd floor 25 Dorrance Street Providence, RI 02903   Date October 31st through December 9th, 2011 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday   Reception at Providence City Hall’s Gallery [...]

  REVEALED: Portrait’s from Beneath One’s Surface Photographer Scott Indermaur creates one-of-a-kind portraits of 11 individuals who have been given the unique challenge of symbolically capturing their essence and spirituality in a small box. Filmed in Providence, RI on November 13, 14 and 15, 2010. This is the trailer. The world premiere was May 25, [...]

Please join us for the second screening of REVEALED. This event is free and open to the public. Photographer Scott Indermaur and Filmmaker Christian De Rezendes will be present for intro and Q&A. The film trailer may be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNPME5O8iK4&feature=share Time: Friday June 3 – 8:30pm – 10pm Location: Brooklyn Coffee Teahouse - 209 Douglas [...]