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REVEALED, an interview with Scott Indermaur! by The Jeff Daugherty Show   Jeff is joined by Scott Indermaur creator of the REVEALED project. These Personal Visions of Transformation and Discovery will stir you on many levels. Jeff Daugherty is an international speaker, broadcaster and author. His website is Create Yourself. Jeff’s blog talk radio show includes interesting Spiritual [...]

Here’s a quick video interview during the screening of REVEALED at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival in Cambridge, MA. It includes filmmaker Christian de Rezendes and myself talking about the film REVEALED: Portraits from Beneath One’s Surface.

REVEALED, an interview with Scott Indermaur! by SpiritMessages What would you put in your box? This is the big question that you will ask yourself as you explore the REVEALED Project! The REVEALED project was created by professional photographer, Scott Indermaur. It began with the idea of presenting his subjects with a simple wooden box, and asking [...]

I had my first television appearance this past week! All Friends Cabaret host Krystyne Cheever recently interviewed me on QATV in Quincy, Massachusetts about the REVEALED project. It was an enjoyable experience and now it has been posted on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. It is broken down into 2 videos: This is video 1 of 2 Video 2 [...]

  THIS I BELIEVE REVEALED subject Wendy Lawton discusses the project and the impact it had on her. Her This I Believe essay is titled “Redemption” RIPR (Rhode Island National Public Radio) This I Believe and Scott Indermaur’s REVEALED are two projects that have been easily merged and complement each other to create the project [...]

Scott Indermaur will be discussing REVEALED on Selina Maiteya’s Point of View blogtalkradio show August 11, 2011 at 4pm EST. Points of View is a weekly blogtalkradio show that is about informational and inspiration take on commercial photography. I look forward to being interviewed on this show. See you there! You may listen to the [...]

  REVEALED: Portrait’s from Beneath One’s Surface Photographer Scott Indermaur creates one-of-a-kind portraits of 11 individuals who have been given the unique challenge of symbolically capturing their essence and spirituality in a small box. Filmed in Providence, RI on November 13, 14 and 15, 2010. This is the trailer. The world premiere was May 25, [...]